Is the Morning After Pill Dangerous: Is Contraceptives Safer

When things don’t go as you planned, what do you do? In this case the subject is the morning after pill. Your other contraception didn’t work or you just had sex without protection, now the responsibility of pregnancy haunts you and you don’t want to handle it that is be a mother. They have that other alternative called abstinence, but abstinence in today’s society is only looked at as an alternative by people with high religious or moral views.

The morning after pills have higher doses of the active ingredients than those that are found in birth control pills. So what? Well. Birth control pills are known to cause health issues for women that take them. So what do you think this pill with a much higher dosage has the potential to do? Logically, cause more problems. The Cancer Prevention Coalition explains that “the incidence of estrogen-dependent breast cancers, particularly among post-menopausal women, has increased by 130% from the mid 70’s in sharp contrast to only 27% in non-estrogen-dependent breast cancers.”

Another point is that they say that the current birth control pills are safer, but they are more potent than the earlier pills plus they are 40 times more potent than natural estradiol. It also increases the risk of heart disease if other factors are present such as diabetes. Yes, there are pro and con arguments. But studies conducted on women from the 70’s spans a longer time period to show long term effects.

The whole argument for or against the morning after pill boils down to health and your moral stance. The New American Magazine points out that the side effects of repeatedly using the morning after pill are massive hemorrhaging and ectopic pregnancies. That is “the fertilized egg is plant outside of the uterus.”

You should consider the health risk of taking the morning after pill as a regular type of birth control in the area of the dreaded STD’s. If you don’t dread them, maybe you don’t know what they are. We’re talking sexually transmitted disease. Some of these have the potential to reoccur and cause more serious health issues. For instance, HPV, that means human papillomavirus and there are two types low-risk and high-risk, there is no middle ground w. They can cause cancer of the cervical cancer, and cancer of the vulva, vagina, anus, and penis.

In 90% of the cases of STD’s your body’s immune system clears the infection within two years. But you could be in that other 10%. And while you have it in your system you are contagious. People with multiple sex partners are usually the people who get STD’s. The morning after pill is a choice, just like other birth control methods such as the sponge, IUD, or pill. You have to look at both your religious beliefs and your health benefits. It is hard to juggle both sometimes, but if you are going to be sexually active, you have to have a knowledge based opinion on the subject.

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