Detoxification – the key to our health and beauty

Detoxification is a natural method that helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, which may negatively impact quality of life. In the current modern world our body contains chemicals that we cannot eliminate without external help. The most common sources of these chemicals it is, among other things, food, water and air. Captured body of toxins may experience the following symptoms: fatigue, constipation, digestive disorders, weight gain, bloating, irritability, etc.

Who would not like to have an active and high quality life? Most important question is: what do / can we do about this? It is important to note that we are able to influence the evolution of three-quarters of our health. Few are aware of the important role they play in this process of detoxification or cleansing the body. Most people do nothing all their lives to free the body of accumulated toxins, parasites and residues of certain substances. Parasites are ubiquitous, anytime we can get in touch with them. Contaminated water, red meat or insufficiently cooked fish, unwashed vegetables or fruit are just some of many possible sources of infection. It is very common, also contamination from pets or sick persons. Even excessive use of antibiotics contributes to the problem, because it has negative effects on the intestinal flora, thus weakening the immune system.

One of the important roles of the intestine is to remove from the body all harmful substances, materials in fermentation or putrefaction. Early in life, the intestinal wall forms sticky deposits that harden over time and cannot be easily deleted. At first causes only small inconvenience: mild bloating, fatigue, irritability, anxiety. Later cause immunity problems, allergies, chronic inflammation and other diseases, including cancer. Younger women may experience rashes on the face, which does not respond to conventional therapy. In women with childbearing potential, colon cleaned can be a cause of infertility. Premature aging is present in all of us if we do not care for our bodies.

Tips for a healthy detox

– During the detoxification is very important to ensure an increased fluid intake, as non-carbonated mineral water, herbal teas or boiled and cooled water. It is also preferably to reduce alcohol consumption and smoking.

– Adequate nutrition also plays an important role in detoxification. Food is not merely sources of nutrients, but they have the role of cleaning. That’s why you should prefer foods high in fiber. Fibers increase their volume by absorbing water, thus ensuring a high volume of faeces which facilitates the bowel muscles. Legumes, cereals, vegetables, fruits, flax seed etc, are excellent sources of fiber.

– For a successful detox is recommended to avoid consumption of red meat, offal, fried or smoked food, sugar, milk and eggs.

– Bacteria present in healthy human body form a dynamic flora, the “beneficial” bacteria, especially those that cause fermentation of milk, plays an important role. These bacteria prevent the transformation of primary bile acids into secondary bile acids, which have a role in colorectal cancer. Also, because of their ability to produce some substances – called bacteriocins – with antibiotic properties, these bacteria inhibit the excessive growth of the bacteria of putrefaction and pathogenic (harmful). Thus, for a well functioning colon is essential regular intake of lactobacilli. These probiotics are found naturally in cabbage, cucumbers curdled, yogurt, sana, cheese. Those who do not eat enough of these foods can fill the needs of probiotics with nutritional supplements such as AC-Zymes or ACIDOPHILUS WITH PSYLLIUM manufactured and distributed by CaliVita.

– The consumption of herbal teas or extracts (tinctures) has beneficial effects on the functioning of the stomach, as well as cleans and detoxifies the liver, intestines and kidneys. Such herbs are chamomile, peppermint, nettle, dandelion, onion, bear, echinacea, burdock, birch leaves, etc. By eating parsley, garlic, rhubarb, ginger and grapes can enhance the beneficial effects obtained by cleansing diet. Beneficial in detoxification is proving to be very useful barley grass, Chlorella blue green algae and Spirulina platensis.

– Feeding the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants is important because toxic substances in the body cause depletion of essential vitamins, minerals respectively, thereby reducing the body’s resistance. A good cleanser, antioxidant and nutritional food supplement is Liquid Chlorophyll from CaliVita.

Other excellent detox products from Calivita

– Pure Yucca naturally favors the process of detoxification, stimulates digestion, and encourages nutrient absorption. It is really useful for those suffering from intestine chronic diseases and combat arthralgia.

– Detox Patch with herbal powder stimulates natural detoxification. This natural product is ideal for older people, people under stress and, of course, for people who give importance to body’s detoxification.

– Aquarion is a reverse osmosis water filter that produces enriched oxygen ionized water, free of toxins and heavy metals. Helps detoxify, oxygenize, alkalinize and hydrate the body, strengthens the immune system and helps retain nutrients from food.

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