Medicines – do they too at times cause vaginal yeast infections?

Antibiotics are incapable of identifying helpful bacteria from the harmful ones. If you are down with a bacterial infection, antibiotics will sweep your system clean of all infections but in the process might clean out helpful bacteria too. This disruption of internal ecosystem in most cases lead to yeast infections.

But why blame antibiotics only? Steroids, more so when they are ingested for longer durations, can also trigger yeast infections.

Patients often face, as they say, the dilemma of choosing between a rock and a hard place. Medicines are imperative to cure an ailment but prolonged usage of medication causes another disease to sneak in.

Cancer patients, on the edge as they already are, have to undergo chemotherapy to get rid of cancerous cells. But the therapy steamrolls healthy cells too and as a bonus of sorts “gifts” yeast infection to the patient who is already struggling with other serious side effects of the dreaded therapy as hair loss and vomiting.

Same is the case with vaginal yeast infections. Yeast cells are normal cleansers of vaginal canal but if their numbers increase beyond acceptable limit they become an embarrassing nuisance.

You must be eager now to know what happens if yeast infection is not controlled. Generally it starts interfering with digestive system and also impairs your body’s capability of absorbing medication and in more serious instances causes swelling of the affected area which, if not promptly attended to, may lead to a lot of suffering.

The medicines you take to kill yeast infections have their side effects also. They kill yeast cells indiscriminately and body loses even the optimum amount yeast cells necessary to function properly. So you need further medicines to restore the flora and fauna of the body, specially the digestive system. Removal of remains of dead yeast cells becomes a big issue also. It seems to be a perpetual vicious cycle where you throw out the baby with the bath water and scamper to retrieve the child only to find that a bath has again become necessary.

Medicines are, however, not the only source of vaginal yeast infection. These cells thrive under warm moist conditions and if you perspire more or work for long periods under hot humid conditions, excessive growth of yeast cells is quite possible. Moreover, as in case with any other form of infection, if your natural immunity system is not robust you are susceptible to yeast infections more than other persons.

If you are wary about taking any more medicines you may try out yogurt with active cultures especially acidophilus. People have got reprieve from mild to medium yeast infections by consuming such specially treated yogurt.

All said and done, normally vaginal yeast infections are not something to panic about and it is only in extremely rare cases have these infections blown up into something really serious.

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