Lula In Distress

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva was diagnosed last year with laryngeal cancer. As a response, the popular politician has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments to address this health issue.

This health development is a major concern for supporters of this very popular public figure. The Brazilian populace affectionately calls him Lula and many view his return to office after the expiration of the term of the incumbent president Dilma Rouseff by 2015.

Many pundits view Rouseff as a placeholder president, who only took office after being mentored by the statesman into the presidency last year. Now, she has tough fight in her hands as six cabinet ministers have already resigned in her first year in office. This was viewed as fallout on her tougher stance on corruption, especially within the party’s support base. Her brow beating of course has lead to an internal reaction in the party, a skill she still needs to master being a political novice.

Despite her internal clashes with her supporters, many view Rouseff as a real president instead of a perceived one. Her current policies together with the illness of Lula may enable her to seek a second term in office.

Lula’s tumor, according to experts, is “not very big” and his full recovery is expected according to an oncologist working with the former president. Even the common Brazilian on the street has closely monitored the publicity regarding this illness. Unlike another president’s cancer issues, Hugo Chavez’s illness has been cloaked in mystery and propaganda machinations. Even the type of cancer of the Venezuelan strongman has not been confirmed.

Lula’s popularity stems from his formation of the Worker’s Party that catapulted him to the highest post in Brazil. He instituted many social programs such as the Bolsa Familia and the Fome Zero within Brazil and has been credited to creating the economic miracle that Brazil is nowadays. He also has played many a prominent role in international relations, such as the support of the nuclear disarmament of Iran and the push towards global warming negotiations and responsibilities between and amongst nations in the world.

Lula has been featured amongst 2010’s 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine and has been hailed as the most successful politician of his time. His current battle is with throat cancer as a result of being a smoker for nearly forty years. He and his medical team are positive as to the chance for recovery as the cancer was discovered in its very early stages.

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