Yeast Infection – Oral Thrush In Babies And Adults

It is a newborn’s nightmare Oral thrush is usually diagnosed just by looking at it’s clinical picture. This is the doctor’s job, of course. Most of the time, in order to create a diagnosis, the doctor will scrape the baby’s tongue and send the sample for a laboratory analysis.

In adults, it’s usually secondary to a pre existing disease which can waken the person’s immune response. As many of these other diseases and illnesses, including very early stages of cancer, can have similar symptoms. So then it is important to consult your doctor and get a thorough check up.

In cases where oral thrush incection happen as the result of disease or illness in other organs or systems, like HIV – AIDS, sudden and very intense thrush can be a sign of a general aggravation of this main illness. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to this and similar changes, so you can get help in the earlies time possible. So ironically, people who have HIV – AIDS can infact be thankful for oral thrush as it gives them the warning sign.

How can oral thrush be treated?

The first acion is that the condition that caused the thrush must be brought under control. This might involve investing in new and better fitting dentures, or adjusting diabetes treatment. For AIDS patients, it is not always possible to correct the immune deficiency, and a course of oral treatment using antifungal drugs has to be used.

When the condition that caused the oral thrush has been treated, the thrush itself can be cured. Treatment is with anti fungal drugs, in the form of pastilles that are sucked or oral suspensions that are held in the mouth before taking them in. These allow the antifungal agent to act locally in the mouth. Examples include Miconazole (example Daktarin oral gel), Amphotericin (example Fungilin lozenges), and Nystatin (like Nystan oral suspension).

In some worse cases, or if the infection spreads, systemic treatment will be necessary in the form of antifungal tablets, or perhaps in the form of intravenous or intra muscular injections.

Living with Oral Thrush

Thrush can make the mouth extremely sensitive to the point that it becomes impossible to perform regular oral hygiene. So use a very soft toothbrush. It can often help to rinse the mouth with a diluted solution of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

The Healing Process

When the underlying cause of this yeast infection be brought under control, oral thrush is likely to heal up after a week of treatment with an anti fungal.

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