Know about breast cancer and its treatment options

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that grows under the tissues of breast mainly in the lobules (supply milk to the ducts) inner lining of the milk ducts. Even it can be classified as hormone negative or a hormone positive cancer. There are various breast cancer treatment options are available depend on the type of cancer and breast cancer staging outcomes. Staging is that procedure in which one can determine that it is severe or not.


The breast cancer treatment is available in clinical trial methods and standard methods. Clinical trial methods are currently tested for more successful results while standard methods are those that are now to cure breast cancer, this method includes hormone therapy, surgical procedure, targeted therapy, radiation options and chemotherapy.

Hormone therapy: This breast cancer treatment includes the introduction of substances that work against the effect of hormones to persuade the breast cancer growth. Estrogen can persuade the cancerous growth in some cases. During treatment aromatase inhibitor can be used to reduce the estrogen secretion in the human body. It can be recommended on the hormone dependent basis.

Breast conserving surgery: Basically it is a form of operation. It can be done in the breast affected area. This surgery procedure just includes the removal of some amount of tissues and tumor in the breast. This process is known as Partial mastectomy and Lumpectomy.

Radiation therapy: It is another cancer treatment option. In this therapy high energy X- rays are in usual used as an option for medications or drugs to damage the cancer cells and stop them from developing.

Chemotherapy: This breast cancer treatment option is very popular across the world. This treatment can assist to prevent cancer cells to grow as well as kill them by means of inner administration of medications. Chemotherapy is considered as the best option to treat breast cancer.

Targeted therapy: It is another kind of breast cancer treatment and it basically assists in damaging the breast cancer cells without any damage to the normal cells. This process is known as targeted therapy. It uses breast cancer treatment in two ways such as Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors and Monoclonal antibodies.

If you or might be your loved is suffering from breast cancer, you can use these treatment options as per your convenience. All these treatments are cost effective and surely offer the best results it conducted on time. However, it is very important to take recommendation of the practitioner, because he or she can better recommend you the best option according to the stage of your breast cancer.

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