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USS Omaha SSN 692: News From The Crew

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 Anthony “Jake” Jacobs Getting Married

News From The CrewMay 1st 2004 – Jake is getting married to Wendy. They have a website at

More in the forums.

Posted by dancurranjr on Saturday, April 03 @ 18:00:10 CST (4 reads)
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 Wes Benton Getting Married

News From The CrewCharles “Wes” Wesley Benton is marrying Julia Kay Moore May 15, 2004 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Congratulations!

Posted by dancurranjr on Saturday, April 03 @ 17:46:44 CST (3 reads)
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 Submit News About Crew Members!

News From The CrewYou can submit timely news by selecting SUBMIT NEWS in the main menu to the left. Weddings, Geographic Moves, etc – This is YOUR website. If you want to “Chat” – Sea Stories and the like belong in the FORUMS. As you explore the website things should make sense to you. Then again . . .

Posted by dancurranjr on Saturday, March 27 @ 18:24:59 CST (9 reads)
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