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Rozerem is a prescription sleep medication that is prescribed to safely be used to help you fall asleep. Rozerem can be used to treat insomnia, or occasional sleep problems since it is non-habit forming.

If you are a patient who has severe
hepatic impairment, or are taking fluvoxamine then you should not take Rozerem.
Rozerem and its effects on patients with severe sleep apnea or severe
COPD has not yet been studied, and therefore those people should not take Rozerem. If you are taking Rozerem and drink alcohol, do so carefully and in moderation. In some patients, Rozerem has been linked to decreased levels of testosterone and increased levels of prolactin. As a result, healthcare professionals should consider and monitor any unexplained symptoms that may be associated with such changes in
hormone levels. The effects of Rozerem in children or
adolescents has not yet been studied. Therefore the effects and effectiveness among this population are yet to be determined.

For the most beneficial results, it is recommended to take Rozerem within 30 minutes before going to
bed. Your activities during this time should be minimal, such as the necessary things you would do to prepare for bed. You should not take Rozerem with or immediately following a high-fat meal. Avoid activities that require a great deal of concentration while taking Rozerem.

The most common negative side effects that were noted while taking prescription Rozerem, and that had
greater than 2% incidence difference from placebo were:

  • somnolence
  • dizziness
  • and fatigue

If you are taking fluvoxamine, you should not take Rozerem.

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