Somatic consulting & structural energywork

Trauma refers to not only the effect of physical injury, but also encompasses the vast territory of emotional trauma that can result from incomplete distressful situations.

Trauma, doesn’t need to be an extreme incident or violation, but result from subtle unresolved experiences that were overwheming for the the individual at the time of occurrence.

Humans, just as animals, respond to challenge with an internal energy available to respond to the situation appropriately. Though we may not have the tools to respond to such challenges, nature designed us with the ability to store, extract value from, and later resolve this energy.

There are three stress responses – fight, flight, and “immobility” or “playing dead.”

Primally, immobility response serves to protect animals from experiencing pain, or to increase the likelihood of survival from a predatory attack. As the physiology shuts down, the surging energy in the nervous system continues to flow, resulting in an internal friction which, unresolved, can reside in the body as an energy charged with any emotion from the event.

Trauma resolution releases this energy and emotion from the body, liberating any limiting effects its presence has had on the person’s entire system – emotionally, physically, functionally. As a result, restored energetic and emotional flow tend to generate benevolent and relevant results in the individual’s life. 

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