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St. Charles Carnival

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St. Charles Church on Moorpark in Toluca Lake had their annual carnival this weekend. We walked up to check it out on Friday night. This is a grand church with many famous parishioners including Bob Hope when he was alive. When I was a kid, my grandparents took Rich and me to St. Joseph’s carnival in Vancouver, and the St. Charles event is similar to me. We were crazy for the rides and the games.

The kids were flying around the carnival on Friday. We watched the precarious assortment of rides with their cinderblock anchors zoom away. Our final stop was the silent auction. It was held in the sixth grade classroom. On one end of the wall, there was a mural dedicated to Pope John Paul II. The kids wrote individual messages. Some of the messages were really cute. One said “You rocked Pope”. But our favorite said “You were the best Pope I ever knew.”


Meet Matt the Cat of Toluca Lake

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Ruth Hussey

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My all time favorite movie is “The Philadelphia Story”. In fact, it was on last week and we watched it from beginning to end. I just read on the internet that Ruth Hussey, who played Elizabeth Imbrie passed away today. She was a wonderful actress.

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In the Heat of the Night

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If you haven’t watched In the Heat of the Night, it’s a must see. This film won five Academy Awards in 1967 including Best Picture and Best Actor for Rod Steiger. Set in Mississippi in the 60’s, a murder takes place in a small town. Sidney Poitier is a stranger passing through who is immediately arrested because he is African American. He is a celebrated homicide detective from Philadelphia. His boss asks him to help Rod Stieger, who is the sheriff, unravel the mystery. I won’t give away any more that than. One of my favorite scenes is at the beginning. Sidney Poitier is brought to see Rod Stieger for the first time. Rod Steiger is working on a fan in the office and chewing gum and looks up. Sound innocuous? Well, the acting is incredible. Rent or TIVO In the Heat of the Night

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Guggenheim Museum

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One of my favorite documentary series is the American Experience on PBS. I recently watched a special on tupperware. The actual invention of tupperware is interesting, but the rise of the company is the best part. A single mother named Bonnie Wise became the driving force for sales. She devised the idea of tupperware parties. She also held large parties for leading sellers in the vain of 1950’s game shows. Women would win cars, furs, etc. The company filmed it all and the footage is priceless. She eventually was ousted and went in to obscurity, but Mary Kay, Avon, etc. owe a lot to her marketing prowess.

My favorite tupperware item is the popsicle maker. Do you remember how exciting it was in the summer to make your own juice popsicles?



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I just read about this latest eating trend recently and found it very interesting. A Flexetarian is someone who eats meat less than 80% of the time, but may still eat a piece of chicken or beef. I’ve always had a problem with someone who says they are a vegetarian, but they eat chicken or cheese. If you truly didn’t want to eat animals, there would be no meat or dairy in your diet. I never cook meat at home. I hate chicken. But I will buy bacon. I made a vow to buy all my dairy and any meat that I do use at Trader Joe’s because their products are all free range and they do not use dairies that feed animals steroids. It’s an interesting concept.

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Congratulations J.D.!!

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J. D. Dudek was confirmed last week. My good friend Erica moved to Memphis in 1998 with her family. I haven’t seen J.D. since he was 2 and threw up on me in Blockbuster. Anyway, here are some pictures of him and her daughter Kate.

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April Trip Part Three

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We left San Fran and drove down the 101 where we stayed in Santa Barbara for a couple of days. I think Santa Barbara is heaven. We had incredible weather! We visited the Botanic Gardens and ate at some of the best restaurants! If you go there, visit Santa Barbara Shellfish Company on Stearns Wharf. They have a crab sandwich, which is to die for! I read somewhere that it was a favorite of Julia Child. Ok – back to real life…..

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens.

Tim crossing a creek and doing an impression of the Karate Kid. The last picture is a view from our room.

Me on the wharf. This section of beach is just past the yacht club. Flowers outside our door.


April Trip Part Two

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After we finished up at The Alley, Tim and I went back to Rich’s place. We stayed there for the next two nights. He lives in Berkeley right off Telegraph Avenue. He and I explored the Berkeley campus before we got caught in a big rain storm on Sunday. We also went to his office at Restoration Hardware and visited Denise, Charles and Harley! It was hard to leave on Monday morning.

Tim and Barney. Barney in the window. Rich and Barney in the kitchen.

Harley who just turned two. Berkeley campus. Interesting car parked on Rich’s block.

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