Actos for fertility

Despite of the many controversies that the drug Actos is facing, some doctors still prescribe actos for other reasons.

People might be running away or avoiding actos because of the side effects that it can cause, others just use it for lighter reason. A recent study came out and informed doctors that the drug actos can be prescribed to women who are having hard time or having problems in getting pregnant. This is for the reason that one side effect that actos have is it causes pregnancy. For this, it is believed that actos can help infertile women to conceive even after their menopause.

At this point, many women are having hard time in pregnancy. They have to have normal and balanced hormone to be pregnant. And in these times, there are many factors that makes a woman hormonal imbalance. Usually, insulin is just considered as a cure for a certain disease but actually, insulin is considered a hormone. For this, we can say that insulin, aside from affecting the sugar level of a person, can also affect their ovulation, which is an essential process in pregnancy. Actos can really induce ovulation for it can make it more regular that can lead to higher chance of pregnancy.

However, although actos can help in pregnancy, it is not recommended for infertility cure. It can only help in some cases. Also, the side effects of it in pregnant women have not yet included to the study. Because of this, using actos cannot really assure a person on what effects can it bring to the living human inside the womb. Birth defects can occur because the drug has not been tested yet in cases of pregnancy. Whatever reasons people have in taking actos drugs is, or even other drugs, they have to dear in mind that side effects are always there.

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