Annuals for fresh cut flowers.

Annuals for Cutting

Annual Aster
-Callistephus chinensis
-1 to 3 feet tall
-white, pink, red, blue, lavender, purple, or creamy yellow flowers
-individual varieties bloom for about 4 weeks
-plant early, midseason, or late varieties for longer cut flower enjoyment
Annual larkspur
-Consolida ambigua
-2 to 4 feet tall
-white, lavender, blue, violet
-full sun
-Gerbera jamesonii
-12 to 18 inches tall
-yellow, salmon, pink., red
-full sun to partial shade
Annual Baby’s Breath
-Gypsophila elegans
-12 to 34 inches tall, rounded habit
-short season bloomer. plant successive plantings
-white flowers
-full sun
Common stock
– Matthiola incana Annual
-12 to 30 inches tall
-bedding, fragrance
-white, blue, yellow, pink, and purple
-full sun to light shade (prefers cool seasons)
-Eustoma grandiflorum
-2 feet tall
-white, pink, blue, lavender,
-full sun to part shade
-heat and drought tolerant

Pincushion Flower
-Scabiosa atropurpurea
-1 to 3 feet tall, erect habit
-lavender, pink, purple, maroon. red. yellow, or white flowers
-full sun
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