How we can guarantee to attract hundreds of local business operators to the Expo?

A feature of the Geelong Business Expo is the program of FREE business briefing sessions.

Over 40 FREE sessions, presented by experts in their field, on the topics that local business operators want to know more about. That’s 30 hours of free professional development for local business operators and their staff.

If we build it will they come?

We heavily promote the Expo on BAY FM/KRock and within the pages of the Geelong Advertiser, so that local businesses know that the Expo is on, when and where it is on and that it is FREE.

To support our advertising, we also conduct a heap of direct-marketing, primarily via email, as do the many sponsors of the event.

And we make it quick and easy for delegates to register, simply by visiting this web-site, reading through the Expo program and registering FREE online. We even send them a reminder a few days prior to the event.

So – quality content, heavily promoted and easy to access – all available in one place, at one time, locally.

How can we guarantee to deliver them to your site?

Been to an IKEA store? You know how they have one long meandering “snake” corridor from the front door to the cash registers? We have designed the show the same way – to ensure that each and every delegate must pass each and every exhibitor to get to the Business Briefing Rooms at the end of the “snake” . Plus, we don’t have an Exit – all delegates need to go back through the show. And that means that there isn’t a “bad” site in the show.

For those who were at the 2004 Geelong Busines Expo, as exhibitors or delegates, you have seen how this “snake” plan works in action.

Once we have brought the delegates to you, it us up to you how to attract their attention and generate new leads for your business (though, even then, we provide you with some handy hints and tips on how to do this!)

What will your site be like?

Your site will be 2m X 2m or 2m x 4m with two (corner sites) or three grey velcrose receptive walls. We do have a handful of slightly smaller and larger sites. Just let us know the size you would prefer.

Your site comes complete with power, lights and ADSL internet access.

How many sites area available?

Those of you who participated in the 2004 Expo know that we were able to fit over 80 exhibtion sites into the venue. For 2005, as we have chosen to return to the Kardinia Heights Centre which provides the Expo with a number of different breakout rooms for all of our Business Briefing Sessions – we will only be able to accommodate 65 sites. As the 2004 Expo sold out some 4 weeks prior to the event, and as we have less site space available for 2005, we are expecting to sell out well and truely before the Expo yet again!

Do we provide furniture?

No. Many of our exhibitors have different requirements when it comes to “dressing” their sites: some want high impact visual branding, others are after a more intimate “meeting place”.

We do provide you with all relevant contacts so that you can order desks, tables, counters, shelves, brochure racks, plants, AV equipment – whatever you need to make the most of your exhibition site. Plus, you can save costs by bringing your own (from home or the office).

What extras do we provide?

Your business will be listed here online approximately 3 business days from when we confirm your site application has been acccepted until four months or so after the event.

You will also be listed in the printed Expo Guide that is given to every delegate.

We ask you to provide a description of your business and what delegates will learn by visiting your site (and your description can include your URL so that your web-site is linked from the Expo Web-Site). You will be asked to provide us with this information when we send you back your site confirmation notificaiton.

You will also be invited to our exclusive networking function.
And you will be invited to attend our Exhibitors’ Information Session some 4 weeks prior to the Expo. At this session you will meet with your fellow exhibitors, go through some housekeeping issues – such as security, bump-in and bump-out schedules, catering, etc.

Most importantly, at this session, we will provide you with some handy hints and tips on how to present your business, how to generate leads and what to do with those leads after the Expo and show you a heap of photos of great (and not so great) exhibition sites from expos all over NSW and Victoria.

We will also put you in touch with people like Think 2 Design who will be able to provide you with help and assistance when it comes to your promotional material, graphic design, and signage.

Do you get to select your site placement?

No. We take into account any special request that you have with regard to corner positions or requirement for placement of large display material or equipment. We then “set the show” to ensure the best possible flow of products and services and to make sure that we don’t have direct competitors next to each other.

Who else will be exhibiting at the Expo?

Anyone who provides a product or service to the local business community: from accountants and consultants, to web-developers, graphic designers, office furniture suppliers, car dealers – Just imagine what products and services you use in your own business……Your suppliers and clients will be the kind of businesses who will be exhibiting.

Who is likely to attend the Expo?

The business decision makers of local small to medium size businesses. As a business-to-business event, we will not attract the sheer numbers of people who attend weekend car/travel/boat shows – But we will also not have any wastage: the business operators who choose to take time away from their business because they recognise that they need access to your products and services, are serious about growing their business – attending the free business briefing sessions and meeting you.

How much is your site?

2m x 2m sites are $480 including gst for the 2 days of the Expo
2m x 4m sites are $960 including gst for the 2 days of the Expo

And, where we can, we will provide advice on how you can effectively manage your Expo budget – including examples of what we have learnt from very creative exhibitors at our other expos.

Want to apply for a site?

Just download the Site Application Form

Any questions?

Just email us

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