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I recently began ordering my prescription medications online through on a monthly basis. I always hated the trips I had to take each month to go to the pharmacy and pick up my prescription, so this is a great way for me to avoid the trouble of making time to head over to the pharmacy and wait in line for my medication. The ordering process is simple and takes just minutes, and my medication is always delivered within a week. When I learned a refill discount was available, I was sold. Forget pharmacies – all I need is

Valacyclovir is a medication that is commonly used to treat genital herpes or herpes zoster (shingles). Each are viral diseases in which blisters and sores appear on the skin. With genital herpes, sores appear mainly in the genital area of the body. A rash with blisters on the skin, typically on one side of the body, occurs with the contraction of shingles. Even though Valacyclovir can help to lessen the symptoms of the herpes virus, it will never completely cure this disease. It prevents new sores from forming on the body, reduces any pain or itching that may result from sores currently present on the body, and helps those sores to heal. In order to accomplish this, Valacyclovir blocks DNA polymerase, which is a viral enzyme, and stops the herpes virus from replicating from one cell to another. The spread of the herpes virus is then stopped as this process is completed. If a person is experiencing a herpes flare up, Valacyclovir can greatly help to reduce their symptoms.

Why waste time visiting a doctor to receive a prescription for Valacyclovir when you can order it online, at your convenience, through the virtual pharmacy? When ordering online, you don’t even need a prescription; although, it may not hurt to give your doctor a call first to make sure the medication is safe for you to take. If you don’t experience the results the medication states, even offers their customers a money-back guarantee on the product. You can place your medication order online in a matter of minutes, right from the comforts of your own home and expect to receive the discreet package within a week. Pertinent information regarding the medication and dosage instructions are provided with the package. If you have questions, simply give the anonymous number a call to speak with a professional or check out the website to see if anyone is available for an online chat. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

What’s even better than the option of ordering Valacyclovir online without a prescription is the fact that you can easily save money by purchasing a generic version of the medication. Many people are wary of purchasing generic medications instead of the brand names, but all medications offered through are WHO and FDA approved. Generics are just as effective and safe as the brand name versions, so you will receive the same quality of medication at a lower cost. Aside from the fact you will also save on the gas money it would have taken to drive to the pharmacy and pick up your prescription, of course.

If you are considering purchasing Valacyclovir online, the best way to go is through It will save you time and money, and you don’t even have to visit a doctor to get a prescription for the medication – just visit the website, select your desired medication, fill in the information requested, and you will be finished in a matter of minutes, with a new medication on its way to your door within a week!

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