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Psalm 17 is a prayer of David.
He starts off by praying that God will hear him. He tells God that he is not faking his prayer, but is being totally honest with God.
He then tells God how God has proved him, and how God has tried him, and found no evil. How many of us […]

All throughout history Christians have been mocked, threatened, or persecuted because of their beliefs. Noah was laughed at for building a big boat, John the baptist was thrown in prison and beheaded, Stephen was stoned to death, and many more suffered deeply for their religious convictions.
Today we don’t have to worry about being “stoned to […]

Psalm 16 is a Psalm of trusting and relying on God.
The Psalmist starts off by crying out to God to preserve him, and that the Psalmist puts his trust in God. He then says how his goodness is nothing apart from God.
From reading the opening lines of this Psalm, we can see how much the […]

Being a Christian Teen can be hard. Everywhere you look society is telling us that giving in to tempations and immorality is “cool”, and if you don’t indulge yourself in them then you’re nothing better than a “wimp”. I have a lot to say about things such as drugs, violence, and impure physical actions, but […]

We all know that God hears our prayers, but does He answer them?
Sometimes we feel like He doesn’t answer us, but in actuality, He does. Every time we ask God for something, He gives us an answer. There are three answers He gives us, yes, no, and wait. When God says yes, we can be […]

Psalm 15 is a Psalm giving the qualifications for someone who is fit to be in the temple of God.
The Psalmist starts off by asking God who is able to dwell in the tabernacle or on the holy hill. In the next verse, the Psalmist answers the question.
A man who walks upright,works in righteousness, and […]

Psalm 14 is a psalm that describes the problems that arise when people don’t believe in God. The psalmist shows the evil, and what God thinks of them.
He starts off by saying that a fool believes that there is no God. The fool believes that there is no God. Having stated this, the Psalmist then […]

Is it bad for Christians to hang out with Non-Christians?
There is a metaphor that says, “A rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.” I’ve always had a problem with this metaphor though. Yes, it is applicable in some areas, but it is NOT a fact.
If you take a flashlight, and shine it in a well lit […]

Psalm 13 is Psalm asking where God is during a time of trouble.
The Psalmist accuses God of forgetting him. He asks how long God is going to hide from him. He asks God how long he is going to be sad, and how long his enemies will be raised above him.
Can you imagine asking God […]

Psalm 12 is a cry out to God.
The Psalmist details how the godly man cease, and the faithful men fail. He describes how the wicked speak vanity, and have a double heart.
The Psalmist continues by describing how God will punish those who lie and cause problems when they are speaking. He goes on to say […]

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