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Our goal is to make the referral process fast and easy for the referring professional, and we’ll do our best to admit your client as soon as possible.

Your patient who requires treatment for a substance abuse disorder may have difficulty making the commitment to recover. Bhavana has a referral and admissions protocol that will help you get your client the needed treatment.

As soon as you think treatment may be indicated, and your patient agrees, please call our admissions coordinator who will review documentation and the requirements for the patient and, as necessary, to speak directly with the patient, the family member or caregiver.

An Intake Assessment, which takes about 30 minutes, takes place over the phone with the patient. Our Admissions Coordinator determines the appropriate level of care, the projected length of stay, and the anticipated cost. This may be done by phone with the physician and the patient (or family member or caregiver) together.

Some of the evaluation may be done off site under the supervision of the treating physician. This may speed up the admission process and reduce some of the cost.

If the patient is accepted for admission, arrangements (travel, logistics, etc.) are made and the treatment professional notified.

When a patient is referred to Bhavana, notification is given within 24 hours of the patient’s safe arrival at Bhavana.

With the patient’s permission (a signed release), you may expect direct communication from our clinical director to discuss admission, clinical history, course of treatment and discharge planning. You may also expect to receive a weekly progress report by phone or email, and immediate contact should anything unusual or unexpected occur.

Upon completion of treatment, with the patient’s written permission, our team will continue to collaborate with you regarding the patient’s progress, a discharge plan, and ongoing recovery.

Through our comprehensive network of associates and affiliates, we may, with your agreement, make aftercare arrangements to ensure your patient’s recovery is sustained.

We appreciate your referral and the confidence you have placed in Bhavana.

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