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Zimeishu Pads

Zimeishu gynecological pad is a high technical product that absorbs the latest achievement in physiological anatomy,pharmacology,immunology, microcirculation, physiology of reproductive system and endocrinology. The core technical theory of product Zimeishu –Skin-absorption and shield theory, can be regarded as an innovation in the field of gynecological prevention and treatment. It not only enables more convenient and prompt prevention and treatment, which caters to the work and life rhythm of modern female, but also breaks through the bottleneck of injuring body during treating gynecological diseases, making the prevention and treatment safer and more efficacious.

Zmeishu is abstracted from natural plants, and prepared after high technological and high-density medical volatile substance, to enable the medical molecules to reach the surface of organ tissues directly, and demonstrate its curative and healthcare functions after being absorbed by the abundant blood vessel network on the surface of organs and the lymphatic microcirculation system. In addition, the medicine also reaches the whole body through acupuncture points to demonstrate the general regulating function, so that it is a gynecological product with instant functioning, continuous effect, convenience and simple application, safe and highly reliable.

During the fighting with gynecological diseases, many medicine forms have come into being, including the most commonly used oral-taking drugs, suppositories and lotion. The traditional medications have the disadvantages of blood drug level fluctuation and interference by digestive juice and food when being absorbed by alimentary tract, and part of drug will be destroyed by liver (effect of first-path), which reduces the curative effect and requires frequent and high dosage. Besides, some drugs are stimulative to gastrointestinal mucosa membrane, causing a series of negative reaction. The medicine in the forms of lotion and suppository are inconvenient due to limit of environment, and the dosage cannot be controlled accurately, which is extremely apt to cause imbalance of acid-base in vagina. As a result, the so-called epoch-making hi-tech gynecological product Zimeishu gynecological pad came into being.

Rs. 600/box of 10 pads

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