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What is Birth control pill?

Objective of birth control tablets is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. birth control pill which is also known as contraceptive pill is designed to provide you relief from the pregnancy. This is the only reason, why contraceptive pill has to be consumed as soon as possible after an intimacy. Actually contraceptive pills are so strong that you will not confirm pregnancy if taken by following appropriate schedule. Although, it is also advised to get doctors help for your benefit. birth control pills provide phenomenal control over your body without compromising your comfort zone. This is probably the biggest advantage of birth control pill. It is widely recommended product and most of the birth control pills such as plan B, ovral, korlym are approved by the food and drug administration of U.S.

What is the mechanism of Birth control pill?

Mechanism of birth control pill is simple and easy to understand. This drug thickens the mucus, mucus is a gummy substance and when the density of mucus will increase around the cervix it will block spermicide to interact with an egg so that fertilization process doesnt occur in time. This mechanism ensures no commencement of gestation period. Birth control pills have different time period unlike abortion pill to complete the cycle for apt effect. Dosage schedule of birth control pills.

I want to know about dosages of Birth control pill?

There are so many birth control pills are available in the market and their dosages vary from brand to brand. But exact amount of dose can be determined after knowing everything about your health condition in detail. Doctor will assess your physical condition and medical history and then he/she will be in the position to suggest proper treatment.

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