James Marston, LCMHC

My name is James Marston, and I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I have been working with children and families for the last eight years; three years at a community mental health center, and five years before that at a school for learning disabled and emotionally handicapped children. In that time, I’ve helped a number of children and families learn to communicate better, change maladaptive patterns, feel better about themselves, and enjoy life more. I’m trained in a number of different therapeutic models, and have a lot of experience in helping parents institute behavior plans to change behavior in the families. I’ve been trained in a number of evidence-based practices, and I incorporate aspects of those practices into my work with families.

I believe that at its core, therapy is forming a positive relationship, and then using that relationship to motivate and reinforce healing and change. My greatest strength as a therapist is that I care – I care about the clients in my care, their lives, and their futures. I am excited about the work that I do, and I love having the opportunity to meet and work with the people that come to see me. I hope to have the chance to be a positive force in you or your child’s life.

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