Healthy Lounge – INADA Chair ROBOSTIC Massage Recliner

the most advanced massage chair in the world!

INADA’s designed team upstaged themselves when they unveiled the ROBOSTIC.

ROBOSTIC incorporates the same superior mechanical components of the ROBO Chair, with a few technological advancements. 
Then the ROBOSTIC adds an incredible manual control system centered around the one-of-a-kind joystick, allowing you to
infinitely control the rollers for your uniquely personal massage.

Coordinate a variety of movements with the joystick to customize a massage that fits your every need

Using the joystick, you can change the speed, vertical position and depth of the massage rollers.
These can be recorded in the memory function, so that your custom course can be reenacted with the push of a button. 
The progran can be revised at any time to suit your current physical needs.

Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor

Shiatsu points, which differ between people, are automatically detected by infrared optical sensors. 
When you choose a pre-programmed massage, or use the manual controls, ROBOSTIC will begin with a scan of your back
that will locate your 11 specific shiatsu points. 
Then ROBOSTIC will customize your massage for your specific body profile.

Healthcare Programs

ROBOSTIC offers 10 different pre-programmed massage sequences, all of which are easily accessed
by the user-friendly remote.

Fullbody Relief (3D) «» Fullbody Relief (Normal)

A comprehensive fullbody massage
Stiff Shoulders (3D) «» Stiff Shoulders (Normal)

Focused massage on the neck and shoulders
Lower Back Tension (3D) «» Lower Back Tension (Normal)

Focused massage on the lower back
Shiatsu (3D) «» Shiatsu (Normal)

Slow motion roller action massages the entire body
Seat (3D) «» Seat (Normal)

A combination of vibration and air pressure massage for the buttocks
Manual Control

In addition to the pre-programmed massage routines, ROBOSTIC’s joystick function permits an infinitely
adjustable massage to get at just the right spot. 
Just flip open the joystic panel in the right arm rest.

3D Roller Mechanism

The 3D Roller Mechanism from INADA is the only massage mechanism in the world that has the
ability to push the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraw the rollers for a more gentle massage. 
This mobilizes your spine through extension (streching), a technique commonly used by massage professionals
and physical therapists.

Calf Massage

Air bags gently but firmly squeeze the calves as if they were being massaged by human hands.

Full Foot Massage

The foot module delivers a complete ankle, foot, heel and toe massage that is strong and pleasureable. 
Carefully timed vibration enhances the soothing effect.

Available Colors

Red Chocolate Black Cream


The INADA Chair ROBOSTIC is avaialble for $6,799.
This price includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US. 
Give us a call at 864-250-2811 or ” with any questions,
to place an order, or to inquire about floor model availability. 
Ask to speak to Michael in sales.

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