Cloning is the development
of an embryo from the nuclei of a diploid cell by its implantation in
an enucleated egg.

1) Enucleate an activated
egg by removal of the nuclei or by irradiating the egg with ultarviolet

2) Collect a donor
nuclei froma diploid cell.

3) Inject the donor
nuclei into the enucleated egg.


1) The nuclei from
the donor cell must be totipotent. Totipotency means the nuclei is capable
of producing a competant animal.

2) Totipotent nuclei
can be found in early embryos, or generated by special techniques during
the cultivation of cells.

3) Generation of totipotent
nuclei has been accomlished from cells from a variety of organs such as
epithelial cells (external membranes), and cells from reproductive tissue.

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